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Art as one of the most powerful claims to encourage the participation of youth. Detailed Description

Project details

Art is one of the most powerful claims to encourage the participation of youth. At early ages, like our
target young people, creativity has a boom point that must be strengthened and must be projected in
some effective way.

There is a problem nowadays related with the development of this creativity and these potentialities,
because in the formal learning way many of the talents of today’s youth can be frustrated. The formal
educational system establishes standard criteria on what is valued and what is not, so that activities
such as graffiti or urban art are not only despised as a way of art or young talent, they are even
criminalized by public opinion.

In this course we want to discuss the importance of fostering all the talents and motivations of youth
related to different styles of art, as well as using this as an educational tool for our daily work with
youth. The project will be develop in Salamanca (Spain) during the first week of may and we are
going to participate 8 organization from Croatia, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece
and Spain, 32 people in total.

Because of that, we believe it is interesting to analyse it in conjunction with other entities that also
carry out similar projects or they are interested in the development of art, always as an educational
and transformation tool. In this way it can be reproduced in other places while improving in quality our
own professional work through the exchange of approaches of other entities, with different contexts.

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